Have you found that these past few years (or maybe much of your lifetime), there has been increasing pressure and, at times, accelerating changes around you? Does this make you feel like you have no control and wonder what is going on? 
Do you find it more difficult to ‘find’ happiness and joy or even a corner of serenity in your world?
Do you look at your life, family, finances, friends, and social arena and have an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness or unworthiness?
Is your head whispering that you perhaps are not ‘really’ worthy of being loved or accepting love?

Are you questioning everything and everyone around you, trying to find out ‘why you are here and what your purpose in life is’? Is that question drumming persistently in your thoughts?

Have you felt the fear that pervades this world creeping into your life and those you connect with, to where it is stealing your peace and joy in what you do? In moments like this, it can be challenging or daunting to rise above and triumph over that fear. Yet, all around you is the pervading voice of disempowerment, disingenuous behaviour, and unauthentic people voicing thoughts that filter into your thinking, creating doubt and blocking your true core. Your true consciousness feels, at times, contaminated with what has trickled down the airwaves into your life and mind.

If this sounds a little like what you are experiencing, Louise will help you find your way back to your authentic, conscious connection. 

Working from years of personal experience and a wealth of knowledge gained with others, Louise will be there to walk alongside you to find your key back to your core. It is about reclaiming your power and creating the world you wish to live in NOW!

So what is it you want to create?

For a personal session with Louise, please be aware of the following;

She has been of service as an energy/psychic healer since 2009. Louise uses a holistic approach. However, the body cannot truly heal unless there is balance in all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts.  Due to this, Louise avails herself to the Higher Energies to receive information relating to your specific situation. These are trusted partners who are brought into the healing arena to assist you. Louise is a conduit of healing first. Then everything else steps into place.
The exchange for a session, typically 1 hour long, is AU$ 250. However, if you wish to take longer and experience more information, you can extend the session by 30min. 
This will take the exchange to AU $375. If you’d like to sit with Louise in dialogue and self-discovery, where you will access learning on becoming your own Self Mastered being, these are available in 1-hour sessions.  In these sessions, we will discuss the areas that trip you up, habits that you wish to break free of and other things that are prevalent to you. 

These hour sessions are created to assist you in rediscovering yourself through talking, problem-solving tools, or other means of guiding you to your empowerment.
If you desire to step into a place of self-discovery with Louise, these sessions will be offered at AU $175 – If you choose to book three sessions, this will be discounted to AU $450.

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