The Lyran Disclosure – The Agenda – Ebooks

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This is the First in the Disclosure Series – download your eBook today and begin to step into a world unlike ours, yet in someways is a reflection.

Become immersed in the world of the 3 Princes of Lyra as they begin their search for the Crystal Heart Stone.
A ‘mythical’ source of power for the Lyrans.

Sit with the Lyran Narrators of Time as they observe the birth of the first Terran’s to walk on this planet.

Discover the Agenda, aka what the Formless Ones are up to here on earth!

Who and what are these beings, what is their connection with our planet?
What is this Agenda that they are exposing, and why now? How does it link to us at this time in our existence?
Crystal Heart Stone, what is the significance of this crystal and how does it connect to the Lyrans? Why is it important, and where does its strange power originate from?

These ancient beings have begun to relay their story, exposing a dark agenda that has been hidden from us for millennia.

Read as the Lyran Narrators of Time, begin to unwrap and reveal the hidden faces behind the placid masks worn by our enemies. If there was a time to discover our Galactic roots it is now.

Discover how ‘The Agenda’, unravels the deceptions that have washed over our world and her inhabitants for generations. This is the precursor to the unfolding of The Lyrans and how they tirelessly work with the Galactic Federation to assist the Terran’s in the battle to reclaim their home-worlds. Each culture is determined to overcome the dark shadows that seem to be growing over the planets, living beings and multiverses.


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