The Lyran Disclosure – The Anunnaki Influence – Ebook

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Follow the Lyrans as they connect with the ‘Old Ones’ who take them to the Crystal Heart Stone.  Experience the battles that they endure and overcome.

Observe the story of Terra/earth dealing with the Anunnaki’s Influence.  Learn to recognise the remnants they left behind and what they were used for.

A revelation for our world in this great shift!

This book, following on from the Lyran Disclosure the Agenda, reveals the many twists and turns that have been played out upon our people, the human being.

This story is shared by the Lyran Narrators of Time from the perspective of ‘an elder advising a younger.’ Having experienced much if not all of what is playing out on our planet, the Lyrans have begun to reveal, to disclose the hidden agendas and influences of the Formless Ones, and those that work with them.
From the outposts and galaxies within our own solar system to places beyond our realm of knowledge, the Lyran Narrators of Time pull back the curtains on the stage that is earth.It is a story of drama, death, manipulation and overpowering another, yes.

BUT in so many other ways it is a story of victory, discovery, new life, friendship, creation and so much more.So, come and journey into the past, step into the future and settle into the present as the Lyran Princes and their crew, take us on their journey of discovery into realms and portals that reveal more about them than they were aware.
Take a journey into the past where shadows were not always what they seemed. Where travellers from outside our galaxy interfered with the original Terran’s and created a slave population.
Be present as both friends and allies gather to interpret the hidden maps and clues, once lost within the ancient language of the Lyrans. Mages, Princes, captains and Formless Ones… what have they in common.

Why did the Anunnaki deceive the original inhabitants of our beloved earth, and rule in their stead?
What were they after and why? What happened to the forests of walking trees? Do we see remnants of their descendants here today?
Why do the Lyrans defend themselves and others, so vigorously against the Formless Ones and their cohorts? And what is the continued agreement between the families of power and the joint forces of the Anunnaki and Formless Ones?

You’ve read of The Agenda, now sit in the observer rooms of the Outposts and watch as The Anunnaki Influence is exposed, by the Lyrans, forever holding fast to their promise made so many epochs ago.
This second part of the series peels back the curtain a little wider into a world of the True Lyran story and their assistance to Humanity while exposing the influence of the Anunnaki and Formless Ones.


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