The Lyran Disclosure – The Terran Uprising Ebook

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This is the third in the Disclosure Series.

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Inside these covers, we discover the Ancient Lyrans who have secluded themselves in the safety of the Polaris System – The Sector of Light.
Next, we travel with the Princes as they all begin unique and separate initiations and finally join with the Lyran Ship carrying the Crystal Heart Stone.

The Narrators of Time introduce us to the Waters of Source, and we observe the interaction between RaeNegria and these powerful waters.

Just what is the metamorphosis that RaeNegria undergoes?

The third book of the Lyran Disclosure brings us to the timelines of choice. They reveal more of the influences and destruction of Lyra and how the similarities are showing up in our world. In this disclosure, the Lyran Narrators of Time take us to the Waters of Source, where RaeNegria undergoes a transformation. We are shown the choices the Terrans have in the outcomes of their lives. Finally, we see the potential future of 2046, both the negative and the positive.

In this unpacking of the Terran story, we see that freedom is a gift that is not to be taken lightly. We are also introduced to the Ancient Lyrans who have safeguarded the Crystal Heart Stone and the tests that the three Princes, RexNā, RaeNegria and Rägę and their crew undergo.

This book, drafted in 2017, brings us uncomfortably close to the current events in our world. Yet, The Lyran Narrators leave us in a place of upliftment and knowing there is a way through the Terran’s potential demise.


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