Books by Louise
Author, Mentor, Psychic, Energy Healer, Nature Lover
Books by Louise
Author, Mentor, Psychic, Energy Healer, Nature Lover
Books by Louise
Author, Mentor, Psychic, Energy Healer, Nature Lover


The Terran Uprising

Louise Reiss-James

Imagine growing up in amongst the sheer beauty of the Southern African landscapes and wildlife, culture, cuisine and musical sounds while enduring the sirens and sadness of a brutal civil war. Rhodesia, later Zimbabwe, was all that and more for the young Louise.

Her imagination and unseen friends became her great allies and a source of timeless pleasure – as she went with them in trust and she was connected into the many scenarios of seemingly countless lifetimes, whether that be atop a fast horse with the smells of splattered dirt and dust and grassy fields hitting her senses with the sounds of gunshot hammering her ears while the after whiff and sight of smokey sulphured gun powder lingered on.

Then to be thrown into a hypersonic travelling spacecraft with her crew members, skilfully running her fingers over a holographic screen with intricate charting and mapping detail of our galaxies and universes; while giving orders of strategic importance to ensure the safety of herself, her family and crew as they shot amongst the void.

On return from her adventures, these stories were gleefully recalled to her disbelieving mother as she was baking biscuits in the family kitchen. She was sent off with a pat on the head. ‘What a wonderful imagination you have darling. Now go outside and play, Mommy is busy.’

 ‘But Mommy’ I was really there I smelt the …’

‘Run along, Louise please, I am too busy. For this.’  This was always the standard answer.

Later as a young woman she put pen to paper and wrote her first story, titled Strange Friends – a story about a dragon. No surprises there as this came about after an intense operation where 80% of her thyroid was removed due to fear and coercion by family and medical practitioners as growths were found in her throat area.

The other many, many trials and traumas that Louise journeyed through need not be scribed here, for the purpose of this is to give you a brief insight into an extraordinary and tenacious personality whose main passion in life is to write the books as they are ‘given to her’ by her team of unseen friends and to offer the healing energy and mentoring to those who are seeking this for themselves.

Louise was asked to turn her gift of receiving information for teaching and learning in a group format into that of writing novels.

Unsure of the outcome, Louise agreed to bring through the information given to her as unchanged as possible but to ensure that it could be absorbed by the reader easily.

Now with more than three published books under her belt  and being bought around the world and many of her readers connecting to inform her about how her books have helped them get a better knowledge of what is going on around the world.  Both spiritually and physically.

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Louise is a natural storyteller, often the last one sitting around the fire at one of their retreat ceremonies or events at TerraLyra, regaling those with her of stories from her youth, or better still, bringing information through from the Higher Energies.

TerraLyra, Louise’s home is a beautiful expansive property that lends itself to beauty and peace, all the requirements for her to settle down and write.  From the large wetland dam to the secluded groves or if she chooses her office.  Nature surrounds Louise when she writes. From wild parrots  to goannas and the odd dragon or frilled lizard to the quiet breeze in the trees, she has the space to create.

Because these books border on the line as Fiction, Louise has used this to tempt those who wouldn’t read something that was ‘channelled’ to show them the agendas that have beset our world.

With the Lyran Disclosure, Louise has discovered that not all is as it seems in the world around her.  She has been shown things by the energy team she works with, be they Lyrans, Pleiadian or The Galactic Councils.

Due to this knowledge, having seen visions and been taken to dark places both beneath the surface of our world and other worlds where unspeakable things are done to kidnapped men and women of all ages, where experiments are being done on our pure original DNA and splicing it with creatures that Louise has never seen before.

Book four is in the development stage as we speak, and looks like it will be following the Lyran's journey of experience. I am sure they will not forget the Terrans, but I have a feeling the Lyrans are the main focus of the next instalment.

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